Ip Verify

Network Verification

This page tests whether you are on the UCSF network.

If you are having problems connecting to a website or network resource please contact the IT Service Desk at 415-514-4100 and provide them the information below.


No, you are not on the UCSF computing network.

This shows either that you are not on the UCSF network, you are not using one of the UCSF VPN services or your VPN client is not working correctly. Web sites and computing resources that require you to be on the UCSF network will not allow you access.

Connected to UCSF NetworkNo
IP Address3.215.186.30
Network Locationnot UCSF
Operating System
BrowserCommon Crawl Bot
Browser Version2.0
Javascript Enabled
Browser Cookies Enabled
Browser Plugins Installed
Device Type: bot
Screen Size